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Link building has changed. High volume link building is no longer the golden bullet for top search rankings it once was. To get your site to the top of Google and keep it there you need a link building expert.

My expert link building service is designed for sites in competitive environments where traditional, linear approaches to link building no longer cut it. This link building service is designed for businesses with £2000+ / month to spend on their link building and with a genuine desire to dominate natural search in their marketplace.

Expert link building has multiple strands and we use a wide selection of link building techniques to get results. This includes:

  • Building authority in your brand and high levels of trust at the root of your domain
  • Identifying and targeting the link hubs in your niche
  • Developing an internal link architecture which delivers link equity to the right pages, significantly reducing your reliance on inbound links
  • Building super-relevant deep links to key product pages
  • Developing internal link hubs using authoritative information pages (aka link bait)
  • Building a social media presence specifically designed to acquire links
  • Constant mining of competitor backlink data to ensure you stay ahead of the curve

At ioptimal we take a pragmatic and realistic approach to building links. Some experts will tell you that certain link building techniques don't work or will get them banned from Google. The truth is that it's the poor execution of link building by sloppy SEO companies which presents the risk and most often causes campaigns to fail as opposed to a bias towards certain tactics or types of links working better than others.

You need a link building company who not only understand what techniques work and how to execute them at scale but who can also get under the skin of your organisation and help you develop ongoing marketing strategies which will lead to natural links and publicity over time (as well as delivering the links which will help you to rank right now).

Our link building techniques

We don't use a boilerplate approach to link building. Rather we develop a custom linking strategy for every expert link building client. Our scalable associate network of link building resources, made up of PR professionals, subject matter expert content writers and data miners gives us a far greater reach than most SEO agencies and allows us to execute link building strategies to a higher quality level. It's this quality and attention to detail which makes the expert linking building service stand out from the crowd.

To give you a taste of the kinds of ways we could build links for you here's a sample of tactics we've used recently for link building clients:

  • Blogger engagement campaigns
  • Competitions and prize giveaways
  • Guest blogging
  • Vertical directory campaigns
  • Competitor co-citation analysis
  • Link advertising campaigns
  • Widget and free tool design
  • University and government site link baiting
  • Twitter/ facebook advertising for links
  • Strategic link exchange campaigns
  • Using images for link bait

Because we're leaders and not followers when it comes to link building methodology we can design expert link building tactics just for you. These totally custom campaigns are very powerful because they're near impossible for competitors to replicate.

Fast and future proof link building strategies

High pagerank anchor text links are usually still the fastest way to achieve top rankings. In the future trustrank based links and links from twitter and facebook will likely be more important. Our link building expert service doesn't just rely on getting links from one type of source, or using one technique which could easily be replicated by competitors or devalued by search engines. We get you the links which will help you to rank quickly and drive up revenue. Then we reinvest that revenue in sustainable link building strategies which will add value to your site and protect you from algorymic shifts in the future.

Great tools

When it comes to link building tools we make sure we have access to the best on the market- SEOmoz linkscape, majestic, Ontolo, Cemper link research tools, we dip into them all, researching and crafting your link building campaign by hand and feeding expert analysis in at every turn.

Simple reporting

We use a lot of data as part of our link building expert service but that doesn't mean we'll inundate you with meaningless reports and metrics. The less time we spend designing pretty spreadsheets for you, the more time we can spend building links and proving our value by adding revenue to your bottom line. But we know you need reports to let you know where your moneys going and to show you the results.

You can login to our link building reporting system (raven tools) at any time and check exactly what sites we're targeting for links, where your links have been placed and how much they've cost. You can see what keywords and pages we're targeting and where you're ranking. We'll also come and see you regularly to talk you through results and discuss where we go next. It's a personalised service, delivered by link building experts.

Our results

There are very few secrets in link building. The success of our link building campaigns come from genuine expertise combined with hard work- going the extra mile. We don't publish client results but contact us to find out how we've helped leading brands in travel, finance and ecommerce excel in search results through link building work.

Time to get started

If you're interested in finding out how a link building expert can work with your business to help you dominate search results in your market get in touch today.

As with all ioptimal SEO services, our expert link building service can be whitelalled by agencies who need link building support to compliment their clients digital mix. We work with several leading agencies, fully whitelabelled, to deliver the link building part of their digital campaigns. Contact me or connect on linkedin to discuss your project.